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Optional Drag Mats "Quick Attach" Pro Infield Groomers.

Drag Mat Option with BracketsDrag Mats With Brackets.
3 Sizes Available.
ALDM-7236 72" wide x 36" deep.
ALDM-7836 78" wide x 36" deep.
ALDM-8436 84" wide x 36" deep.
Drag Mat Brackets are included when you
order an optional Drag Mat attachment.
Note: 84" is the widest Drag Mat we offer.

ALDM-1000 Drag Mat Brackets,IMG_1858,100dpi,400wALDM-1000 Drag Mat Brackets only
(no drag mat).
Yes, you can order our brackets and
use your own drag mat if desired.
For best results we recommend that you add a front
 support tube to your drag mat pull edge.
Instructions on how to add this tube included when
you order the drag mat brackets.

All of our mats have a tube mounted to the front that adds support while it rides in the
brackets and while being pulled during use.

ALDM-1000 Drag Mat Brackets,IMG_1735,100dpi,400w,BDrag Mat Rolled in Brackets, 100x400Brackets attach to the Rear Finishing Broom to carry, pull, and hold the drag mat behind
the groomer at all times (no need to hand carry the drag mat). The drag mat can quickly
be mounted or removed from the special brackets without tools when needed.
Drag Mats can be centered on rear smoothing broom or staggered left to right
in 1.00" increments for versatility.
What's the advantage of optional Drag Mat attachment? They are most useful when
using the Chisel Scarifier to pulverize hard infields. The Chisel creates chunks which the
drag mat helps break up. It can be used during normal grooming but benefits are negligible.

Remember: All mats are adjustable left to right in 1.00" increments in the brackets.
They can be centered on rear broom or staggered to either side desired.

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