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Optional High Speed Grading Bar for "Tongue Towed" and "Quick Attach" Pro Infield Groomers.

PRGB-7200 HS Grading Bar,IMG_4565,1000dpi,400w PRGB-7200 High Speed Grading Bar for Pro Groomer PR72 (LevelFlo1). Customers who need to groom infields
"quickly" between games should consider this optional attachment. Why? The PR72 standard 2 bladed Leveler Implement (LevelFlo2)
provides perfect leveling at normal speeds up to 4-5 mph. Customers who own the PR72 want great infields and understand they need
to limit speed. But, during tournaments or busy day game schedules they may have to prepare infields for the next game "quickly".
Customers only use this attachment when time between games is very short. They groom all of their infields before the day's play with the
 normal 2 bladed Leveler for perfect leveling. Then between games, if time is short, they cut their prep time in half using this high speed
implement to quickly smoothen infields. After the day's games they again groom the infields with the 2 blade Leveler Implement to bring
 them back to perfectly level.

PRGB-7200 HS Grading Bar,IMG_2863,100dpi,400wThe "high speed grading bar" attaches to the rear of the Leveler the same way that the Chisel Scarifier attaches. It's stored on the upper
"non-engaged" pins (it will not contact the infield when in the non-engaged position). In this position it's ready to use when needed.
Then when needed it's quickly moved down to the lower "engaged" pins for high speed grooming (when in this position the 2 bladed
Leveler does not contact the infield surface). The Rear Finishing Broom (and drag mat if you have it) attach directly to the High Speed
Grading Bar for final finishing.

Note: We include a Brush that installs directly to the Grading Bar to add in the smoothening process. Brush not shown in all photos.
Note: the HS Grading Bar (or Chisel) can also be stored on the "Upper Frame Mounts" if desired.

PR High Speed Grading Bar adjustment, 900w

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