All Star Groomer for InfieldsRestore & Maintain Infields Quickly and Easily.
Levels, Smoothens, Mixes, and Breaks up Hard Infields.
All Star Groomer AS72 
The 6 ft. wide All Star is a great choice for those with a limited budget but still want well maintained infields.
A quality machine at a small budget price.
Yes, it will level your infields and keep them level! We Guarantee It.
Reduces sliding injuries, prevents water puddling, and controls weeds.

Available with 4 choices of "operator lift control systems" (manual & electric). Easily adjusts to different towing machines. No need for hydraulics or 3 pt. hitch.All Star AS72 Groomer

Floating implements don't actually "level", instead they mimic the surface they travel over. They simply ride over the high areas
and sink into low areas without fixing them.
The All Star Groomer Level Flo 1 Leveler Implement locks into an
optimal "leveling-grading" position to guarantee proper leveling takes place. It doesn't float.
The Leveling Implement cuts off high spots, mixes and carries the material along, then drops it
into low areas where it's needed. The leveler is followed by our exclusive 2-Brush Finishing Broom
which produces a fine finish to the grooming process. The Leveler not only levels infields but it also
effectively processes the top portion of the surface.

See Catalog for
Details about all
Operator Lift
Control Systems

Levels - Mixes - Smoothens
Leveling Implement "Locks into position to guarantee leveling takes place"
Cuts High Areas and Fills Low Areas
Maintains Safer Playing Surface
Breaks up hard infields
Deters Water Puddling
Controls weeds
Works on all infield materials
Reduces Need for Hand Raking
Heavy Duty Steel Construction
Powder Coated finish
Pull with variety of towing machines
Capable of High Speed Grooming
No tools needed to adjust engineering
Built Like a Tank!
Easy to Use
Saves Labor

All Star AS72 Catalog
Deep Till, 75high
Vibra Tine, 75high
Level Flo 1, 75high

Chisel Scarifier Pulverizes Hard InfieldsOptional Scarifiers to Pulverize - Shatter - and Break up Hard Infields.
Two Choices:
Chisel Scarifier  or   Spring Tine Scarifier
Our recent customer surveys show that approx. 20% of All Star users have infields that get hard enough at times
that a scarifier is used to pulverize - shatter - and break up the surface to make them more playable. For customers who
have these hard infields we offer two scarifier choices. Easy to use. Saves Labor.

All Star Chisel Scarifier Chisel Scarifier option.
Solid tooth chisel scarifiers penetrate hard infields better than spring tine scarifiers. Our unique design
is capable of shallow (light) to deep (up to 2-3/4" depth) use. The most effective scarifier on the market
for pulverizing hard infields. Also very effective when mixing in new material, removing weeds, or during
renovation work. Completely adjustable without tools.
Made with our exclusive hard "abrasion resistant" steel teeth.

Vibra Tine ScarifierVibraTine Spring Tine Scarifier (For Electric Lift Machines Only. Special Order).
Shatters and pulverizes the top portion of infields. Completely adjustable to different angles.
Two rows of staggered spring tines. Mounts to front of groomer. Can be used while grooming.
If you want to be able to deep till then consider the chisel scarifier.

Things you should know about Breaking up Hard Infields.
Extreme caution should always be used during the season when deciding that an infield needs to be pulverized. Using any implement too deep during
the season could render it un-playable (make it too soft). Plus, during the season, or, the off season, no implement should be used too deep that it
disturbs or damages the important layering between the infield material on the top and the sub soil layer beneath. Any manufacturer that claims their
machine can be used to sub soil or pulverize infields deep during the season is made by people who either never played and don't understand proper
infield care, or, they are simply misleading customers in order to sell equipment.

92309-3,tonguestand150wide92309-4,tonguestandfolded150wideTongue Stand Option. Connects behind the hitch, on tongue. When the groomer is unhooked the stand keeps the
end of the tongue off of the ground. When the grooming machine is hooked to the towing machine, the tongue folds
out of the way. When stored inside, on concrete, the caster wheel allows for easy movement around the storage area.
Older machines require drilling one hole in the tongue.

92309-5,ballhitch150widejpgBall Hitch (1-7/8" or 2") Coupler.
Easily connects to the end of the tongue the same way the standard pin hitch does.
Choose either 1-7/8" or 2" Coupler.

The most complete catalogs on the market.

How to Order
Factory Direct Pricing

What is standard equipment on the All Star AS72?
Photo above shows standard parts, Each AS72 machine includes, as standard equipment,
Adjustable Tongue and Hitch Combo, Welded Frame with No-Air, No-Flat Wheels (never need air), LevelFlo1 Leveling Implement
and the Rear Smoothing Broom. choose an "Operator Lift Control System".
So to order: First choose a Model Number (example AS72-WR) then choose any optional accessories / attachments you want to add to the machine.
Each Model number represents a specific lift control system and they all include the same "standard equipment".
Below ("Factory Direct" pricing) are the different model numbers.

See our Complete Catalog link at the Top of page.
We have the most complete catalogs on the market!



Model Numbers

Model Numbers represent the different "Operator Lift Control Systems that are available"
(MN, HW, SB, WR). All have the same standard equipment/parts. See catalog (top of page) for more details.




MN = Manual Lift. Includes our exclusive "Posi-Lock" Lift and Lock Technology.




HW = Hard Wired Control System. Wired direct into your tow machine. Dash Mounted Rocker Switch Control and Complete Wiring Pkg.




SB = Corded Switch Box System. Uses the 12V battery of your tow machine. Has hand held switch control (and 2 Extension Wires).




PW = Portable Wireless Remote Control. NEW Introduced for 2019. 12 volt power for this system is supplied to the groomer electric lift
by your(customer)12 volt tow machine battery. All the great benefits of our wireless remote control at a lower cost!




WR = Wireless Remote Control. Complete 12V Power System on-board groomer with Charger, Monitor, Wireless Remote System & more.




Optional Accessories / Attachments
Please refer to the catalog, link shown above, for details on all optional accessories.




Chisel Scarifier (Most effective for breaking up hard infields. Made with hard Abrasion Resistant Steel Teeth)




Spring Tine Scarifier (Helps pulverize top surface only of infields) Electric Lift Only (Not for Manual Lift). Special Order.




Drag Mat 72 x 36 (72" wide is same width as the Rear Finishing Broom. Includes our exclusive Drag Mat Carrier Brackets. Adjustable side to side)




Drag Mat 78 x 36 (78" wide is 6" wider than the Rear Finishing Broom. Includes our exclusive Drag Mat Carrier Brackets. Adjustable side to side)




Drag Mat Brackets Only (Customers who want our Brackets and use their own drag mat. Includes hardware to attach brackets to Rear Broom).




Ball Coupler Hitch, 1-7/8" (Mounts to end of tongue the same way as the standard hitch. Standard hitch also included)




Ball Coupler Hitch, 2" (Mounts to end of tongue the same way as the standard hitch. Standard hitch also included)




Tongue Stand (Keeps tongue off the ground. Also helpful when moving groomer inside storage. Rotates upward when not in use.)




Additional "WR" Wireless Transmitter  Also consider ALSB-1212 as a backup operator lift system.




"HW" Add'l Tow Machine Wiring Package (When a customer chooses the "HW" Lift System they might want to install wiring on more than one tow machine to operate the groomer. This option is a wiring package that can be installed on a second tow machine.




"SB" Switch Box Control to use as a "Backup" Control System for "WR" or "HW" machines. Do you want a "backup control system" for
emergencies? If you have a "WR" or "HW" control as your normal everyday system this portable "SB" SwitchBox system gives you "Dual Control".
It will bypass the "WR" or "HW" system and use the battery of whatever 12 volt tow machine you choose to operate the electric lift. It can be kept in storage until as a backup. If you simply have to groom no matter what then consider this backup control system.




HW" Electric Lift Conversion Package (Convert a manual lift machine to "HW" HardWired Electric Lift).
This optional accessory is for customers who previously purchased a "Manual Lift" machine and now want to convert it to "Electric Lift".
This option then requires removing the manual lift parts from a groomer and installing this complete "HW" Electric Lift System.




"SB" Electric Lift Package (Convert a manual lift machine to "SB" Corded SwitchBox Electric Lift).
This optional accessory is for customers who previously purchased a "Manual Lift" machine and now want to convert it to "Electric Lift".
This option then requires removing the manual lift parts from a groomer and installing this complete "SB" Electric Lift System.




"PW" Electric Lift Package (Convert a manual lift machine to "PW" Portable Wireless Remote Control Electric Lift). This system provides al the
great benefits of our Wireless Remote Control at a lower cost because 12 volt power is supplied to the electric system by your (customer's) 12 volt
tow machine battery. Requires removing the manual lift parts from groomer and installing the complete "PW" electric lift system.




"WR" Electric Lift Package (Convert a manual lift machine to "WR" Wireless Remote Control Electric Lift).
This optional accessory is for customers who previously purchased a "Manual Lift" machine and now want to convert it to "Electric Lift".
This option then requires removing the manual lift parts from a groomer and installing this complete "WR" Electric Lift System.

Factory Direct Pricing - Effective January 1, 2019

AL-E-006-097, TransmitterAL-E-006/097 Additional "WR" Wireless Transmitters.
Additional Transmitters are available. Includes Lanyard.
Also consider the "SB" Backup operating system as an option. The "SB" is a portable control system.

Drag Mat Option with BracketsDrag Mat option. Available in 2 Sizes:
72" wide x 36" deep Drag Mat is the same width as the Rear Finishing Broom.
78" wide x 36" deep Drag Mat is 6 inches wider than the Rear Finishing Broom.

How do I decide which size drag mat to order?
Remember: both sizes are adjustable left to right in 1" increments behind the groomer if desired.
72" wide drag mat is usually preferred by customers who will groom their base paths on baseball infields.
The 72" wide drag mat is the same width as the rear finishing broom. In order to groom base paths we recommend
that the dirt path be approx. 80" wide (with the 72" Drag Mat). This allows 3" clearance on each side for driving.
78" wide drag mat is usually preferred by customers who have all skin infields (no grass on the infields). This 78" wide mat can be centered so it
overlaps the rear finishing by 3" on each end - or it can be adjusted side to side (in 1" increments) to your preferred position.
Drag Mat BracketsDrag Mat Adjust in BracketsExclusive Drag Mat Brackets (only by Heying Company). When you order the optional
Drag Mat it includes our exclusive Drag Mat Carrier Brackets.
The brackets attach to the Rear Finishing Broom to carry, pull and hold the drag mat
behind the groomer at all times (no need to hand carry the drag mat).
The drag mat can quickly be mounted or removed from the special brackets (without tools)
when needed, so it's very versatile.

Want just our Drag Mat Brackets? Yes, you can use your own drag mat with our exclusive brackets. But, you will then need to add front support to your
drag mat pull edge. All of our drag mats have a support tube mounted to the front of the drag mat that adds support while it rides in the brackets and while
it's being pulled during use. If you order our brackets (and use your own drag mat) then you will need to add support to the front pulling edge of your mat.
What is the advantage to having the optional Drag Mat attachment?
The biggest advantage the Drag Mat offers is it helps break up chunks and when using the Chisel Scarifier to pulverize a hard infield. Using the Chisel
creates chunks which the drag mat helps break up. It can also be used every day during normal grooming but the benefits may be negligible.

All Star Groomer, AS72-WR

We've added a new electric lift system!
See "PW" Portable Wireless Remote Control

Operator Lift Systems AS72-5

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